A targeted induction period for every talent !


Welcome to celio! When you join us, you will benefit from a personalised induction period that will help you to get started in your job and to develop yourself within celio.


The first steps in a company represent a determining event in a career: a period of mutual discovery, during which the employee should quickly begin to feel at ease.

Because it recruits a considerable number of employees each year, celio* is fully aware of the importance of a successful induction and makes it a point to welcome and induct every new employee.

With a a personally adapted, "made-to-measure" induction, celio allows you to better appreciate the company's culture and values, to become familiar with a new working environment and the new people around you. It also allows you to better understand and acquire the knowledge and skills linked to the specific features of your job.


Induction periods adapted to store-based jobs

- Managers

You will spend two weeks in a store with a "Tutor Store Manager", chosen for his/her professional ability and mentoring skills. These first two weeks will be a mixture of both theoretical and practical training.

Following that, you will join your store and take up your new position. Of course, your Tutor will still be available for questions and to offer support during this second phase. This phase will then be punctuated with regular status reports with your manager to provide better support and also additional training provided by professional experts (merchandising, management, recruitment, etc.), in order to strengthen your skills.


- Assistant Store Managers and Sales Executives

The components of your induction period are built around the same bases as those of Managers. They are established and closely monitored by the Manager of the store to which you are assigned.


- The resources for making your induction successful

When you arrive, you will receive documents and support material to enable you to understand the way the company operates and also the in-store processes. These materials, of course, will also enable you to tackle the various aspects of your new job while you are all the while being supported by your Tutor.

Our e-learning platform "celio*Expert" will allow you to customise your programme and train yourself using more than fifty targeted quiz modules.

Induction periods adapted to Support Office jobs

Whatever position you take up, you will be quickly invited to an "Induction meeting", so that you can find out more about the company, its culture, values and organisation. It is also the opportunity to get to know other new employees from different departments and so to create close, inter-departmental ties.

Since celio* is a "retail" business, it is essential that you share in the in-store experience for a few days, in order to help you better understand the reality of the "sharp end" and share the daily life of the in-store teams.

You will meet colleagues from your department and from other head-office ones, so that you will gain a better understanding of their roles, understand what they do and facilitate communication and future discussions.



Through these "made-to-measure" programmes, celio* will do everything possible to make your induction a real success. There's nothing like it for starting off the celio* adventure !